About Pod

Communicate to Learn to Communicate

Communicate-to-Learn-to-Communicate' [c2l2c] portal is intentionally labelled as such, because one cannot effectively learn if one cannot communicate effectively and one cannot communicate clearly if one does not earnestly learn to communicate.

We invite you to join us to explore learning in the corporate world with a holistic and integrated view. Most sites are silo-driven by specific disciplines such as human resources management, talent management, instructional design, e-learning, learning technology and change management, etc. We want to curate content with a holistic integration of different relevant disciplines.

This is a space created for Learning Designers, both budding and seasoned, where we can truly draw inspiration from each other, exchange knowledge, incubate new thoughts and actively grow together, as we share our learning journeys with each other. It is beyond just a social media community. It is a space where learning is the central focus.

Look out for future competitions, critiques of one's work by professionals and more...